SCPU Schools

Ecole de Commerce SCPU

Ecole de Commerce SCPU teaches business management programs which incorporate United Kingdom Ofqual qualifications.

Each degree is taught in co-operation with an International Professional Qualification Awarding body.

It also offers a range of Professional Doctorate programs that incorporate senior life membership of the Professional Qualification Awarding body it is taught in co-operation with.

Ecole de Theologie SCPU

SCPU School of Theology offers a range of religious programs and is part of the Global Christian Schools Network.

Students undertake a systematic study of biblical and Christian traditions, consider what these traditions teach us with respect to the world we live in, and look at how such lessons form a basis for seeking meaning in life, in worldly existence, and in history. Our ultimate aim is to produce graduates who will make meaningful contributions to our modern society.

Ecole de Ingenieurs SCPU

Ecole de Ingenieurs SCPU teaches a range of Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degree programs in co-operation with the Institution of Professional Engineers-Myanmar (IPEM).
The IPEM is a member of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES)

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